MJ AND STUFF Blogger; Mahlatse James

Told you all I was gonna bump like this. You all didn’t think that I could bump like this. Said I told you all I was gonna bump like this (uh-uh).Turn around then I make it jump like this…” It’s midweek vibes and whilst I’m jumping to Miss Kelly Rowland’s Like This, I remembered I have committed to wear shorts for a great part of this summer. Anywho, that’s not much of a major deal, because, well, since everyone is kind of doing the short-shorts thing right now; knock-knees, brackets, stumpy stems and all *sighs*. I know I’m having crazy mad fun hitting up the streets with my leg game paraded afore. So much fun. Soooo, my second limb-exhibition endeavour involved slicing up an old pair of regular fitting jeans to mere singular-decimal lengths. As if that is not bloodcurdling enough (to some people, because..erm, to a certain degree I care and stuff), I thought the thigh size could have done with character, hence my D.I.Y. undertake. I mean, what else could possibly suggest unassuming-stylopolitan-in-the-know quite like a bit of distress? Tools: a bit of bleach, sandpaper, a correction pen and a breadknife –don’t judge me, nothing de-threads denim like a breadknife can. You see, this post could very well detour to DIVA TRICKS levels, but it is essentially about my short luvin’ self and the nerve to dare take this voyage out to the streets. About the look, once again, this was put together when I was heading off to a friend’s post-hangover do, on an odd Saturday afternoon –Rock Star state of affairs. Bag pack brimmed with goodies flung on and a tee similar to some of Jean-Michel Basquait’s earlier graffiti-esque work. And to channel my inner David Bowie, Mihara Yasuhiro x PUMA sneakers were brought into this look too.

Mahlatse James Denim shorts MJ AND STUFF

Mens Denim shorts, MJ AND STUFF, Mahlatse James

Denim Shorts- Mihara Yasuhiro x PUMA mj and stuff Mahlatse James

Mihara Yasuhiro for PUMA, Mahlatse James




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