MJ AND STUFF Blogger, Mahlatse James at the Jameson Indie Channel Lauch

If you claim to love fashion then you simply must have seen The September issue, like countless times, therefore you probably come very close to master mimicking Vogue’s USA’s former Editor-At-Large; André Leon Talley’s famous scene, where he mini-rages about “a famine of beauty”…? No? Well then, post the lengthy festive merriments, my existence came starving for cool people things. I wanted so much hang around a bunch of people who actually knew stuff about stuff. So, just when I was mapping out trips to underground hang-spots. You know, the kind where grown-ass people actually get to partake in conversations broadening beyond what-we-did-in-college last millennia, whoring ex-lovers or how this city can swallow you. Just as I was about to trade menthol cigarettes and make shocking memories with craft-beer-guzzling hipsters, I received an invitation to what could possibly be one of the raddest cool people efforts of my adult life. The launch of a Jameson Indie Channel –y’all gotta check it out. It’s a seriously awesome insight into some of the amazing talents of our time. Before, during and after the viewing of the first episode, I was like a crazy with a voucher to a candy store and even thought that was not my mission so to speak, the evidence came through via the Irish Whisky’s facebook album, which had me rearing in heck lot of shots. LOL. Anyway, it was a great night with greatly dressed people doing super stuff.

Mahlatse James The Jameson Indie Channel Launch

I told y'all I was everywhere.

I told y’all I was everywhere.

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF GIF


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