Bjorn Borg launches in South Africa MJ AND STUFF

Valentine’s Day is fully trending right now and almost all fashion publications have gone crazy mad over the undergarments hype. I couldn’t help but hop onto the wagon too and thankfully Björn Borg; a Swedish label known for strikingly stylish swimmies and undies, has recently launched an amazing presence right here in SA, through selected Stuttafords outlets. (I am like, totally crushing on their swimmies). I’m going to let you in on my missions regarding my delicates –don’t you just love it when people call them “delicates”? The thing is; I am not one of those people who wear underwear in horrid fabrics. You know, the great old mantra of basic investment colours that matches one’s skin, one’s belt or whatever. No. The brighter it is, the better for me. Multi -colourful peeps on my waistline add so much to my happy episodes. In that spirit and an assumption that I can’t possibly be the only one into this tradition, I picked my top favourites with a bid to commemorate the luuurv holiday.









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