MJ AND STUFF Street style

My love and appreciation for greenery is nowhere near a tree hugging stage –okay, there was one time when I together with old friends, we thought we could re-enact the open scene of Hair, the musical. I am by no means a horticulture enthusiast, I mean, I could do with a human body chimney, but living in the city has me missing seeing rows and rows of real-life vegetation around me. One would think one’s family and friends in townships and suburbia would at the very least serve this point but I guess the delight of regularly raking off heap-loads of dead foliage when season comes is just too harsh for some. I never really thought I could say this, but darn it, I want plants more than the two mini cacti I have, placed on my office space’s window pane. Oh, and the few times I posted with a leafy backdrop doesn’t count because I was out of town for both affairs. In an endeavour to breathe a little better, I recently discovered The Living Room: a fresh rooftop venue right here downtown –offering Urban-Eco Café Cuisine, Plant Art (YAY), amazing fresh cocktails and such a spectacular view of the concrete jungle. A lovely laid-back set-up I say. So, my first day/ sundowners there called for a testing outfit. You know, not too overdressed and definitely far from underdressed. (Off-duty for what?). Once again, I played with lengths –it’s my thing- a mid-thigh kaftan in exotic prints (check the beaded bangles to match), levelled with a fluid black cardigan of the same length, a pair of regular fitting jeans with an up-fold and a pair of sneakers.

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Mahlatse James Street Style



MJ AND STUFF The Living Room Johannesburg


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