Nicola Cooper on MJ AND STUFF Wearing a Gullotine Dress

I am not going to wait for Thursday to partake in the royal #ThrowbackThursday convention. My favourite fashion moments are way too far and apart, so the few moments I get to reference a look that’s been banked in my head for while, I just must share it with y’all. Through this post I delightfully revisit one of my many much-adored looks as #WERQed by my fashion lover; Miss Nicola Cooper. Here’s how I remember it: I was aiming for puff session outside Rosebank’s Crowne Plaza, because things tend to get a bit wearisome in-between fashion shows, especially if one happens to be on a new demanding editor’s speed dial for regular up-to-the-minute updates during the #SAFW (I am totally dying to say, life of a P.I right now… anyway). Out of nowhere, the darling porcelain-skinned Nicola emerged into sight with two glasses of champers and her jovial smile. I could have greeted her with my standard Hey-Gurl-Hey, what it do and possibly even flung a hug first, but no words could possibly contest the multi-tonal knee length bodycon she wore that night. Before I knew it, a swam of bloggers had their 18-55 mm lenses directed at her and howling enquiries about the fabric, the knotted ribbon details and of course fashion week’s conversation starter “who is it by?”  Sometime during that remarkable fashion moment, I was able to relieve her off those brimmed flutes (both of which I guzzled down like a stylopolitan post descending a treadmill) and waited for a bit to confirm that the dress is indeed a Gullotine by Lisa Jaffe piece of wearable art. Beautiful night. Beautiful gal in a beautiful dress. That’s the stuff pleasurable flashbacks are made off.

Nicola Cooper Wearing Guillotine on MJ AND STUFF



For more fierce fashions from Guillotine, do make it a point to pop into the label’s flagship store at 44 Stanley Avenue in Millpark, right here in Joho.



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