Missshape Pop-Up Sale MJ AND STUFF

I have waited a hell lot of seasons to someday write about Jamal Nxedlala’s illustrious fashion label; Missshape. My all-time justification included an uncertain linger for great inspiration to strike and a “perfect” opportunity to sit-down with the endlessly talented Creative Director over lemonade and perhaps mess around in his head as I try to decipher whatever it is that makes him tick. As it happens fate and I aren’t really on companionable terms so I am using the up-coming launch of the first Ambassadors Pop-Up as my way to introduce my praises for the Missshape flair. The shopping experience will take place this Thursday, right here in Joho *see flier for dets* and I’m not going to jump hard into it –because my dream post WILL happen. All you need to know is that the collection for sale will be my fave by far from dearest Jamal, launched in August 2013 at the Durban Fashion Fair as part of a series of creative collaborations with individuals or brands who have a distinct style. The first collection Ambassadors’ collection was produced in collaboration with ever so rad Anthea Poulus of
Anthea Knows Best (and the ultimate winner of Marie Claire’s Street Style award). The collection is unisex except the skirts and I have a crazy mad crush on the striped shirt with contrast Kanga sleeves in electric blue.

Seriously, I will do foolish things for this piece.

Seriously, I will do foolish things for this piece.

Check the current campaign here below: a collective effort between Jamal, motion designer Lex Trickett, photographer Justin McGee and model Adera Kachienga.

Missshape current campaign MJ AND STUFF

On that note, please #DoTheRightThing and hit up the first of these Pop-Up sales. See you there.




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