Clarks Kids Winter 2014 MJ AND STUFF

Well, I suppose nobody ever really get to say that “babies are so hot/in/it right now, hey?” Understandably, it would be a rather insensitive and an oh-so-feebly pretentious statement to share, especially considering that children can’t really be sectioned into a seasonal possession. That being said, I know I don’t want to avoid the fact that conversations in the past two years kind of centred on goo-goo gee-gee gushes. If not the Beckhams youngest kid; Harper Seven frowing alongside fashion gods, it is Kimye’s only gal-child receiving one-of-a-kind designer merch. Even on the local front we saw a few fashionpolitans looking devastatingly chic, carrying a new life. In no time, we all cleared throats, folded arms and paid attention as the industry proposed a reminder that sometimes all we truly need to aspire to is the absolute innocence possessed by a kid. The iconic international footwear retailer; Clarks recently introduced the Clarks Kids’ Winter 2014 range and I too am strongly considering checking in at the Broody desk. The campaign is all sorts of cute starring the most adorable kiddies wearing shoes from the range –which was designed with the dynamic lifestyle of the little ones in mind. It is no secret that kids are definitely in my not-far future and although I’m not about to become one of those obsessed humans who stock-up on baby clothes beforehand, I now know that to somehow approach the Take That Mason level of styling, I need to keep my eyes on what’s currently happening at Clarks Kids.

MJ AND STUFF CLARKS KIDS SHOES Kelpie Flare and Snuggle Wall

Clarks Kids MJ AND STUFF Zander Boy

Zora Doll and Zora Dress Clarks Kids Shoes Winter 2014 MJ AND STUFF



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