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If I didn’t believe it, I know I am living it. I can’t tell for sure when or how this happened, but it’s like I blinked and my working social calendar for the first parts of this year blew up into something massive. I love it, it’s my thing but darn it; just as you can imagine… it calls for a wardrobe to match. That is a fact. Erm, I’m a clothes person, I buy clothes all the time but nothing contends the vital elation of successfully entrusting your sartorial attitude in the custom of revisiting old friends (clothes). Sometime this week, I went to a small preview of Vintage Cru’s latest video offering headlined #VIRGIN –which is really totally rad. Y’all gotta check it out over HERE- and as much this is likely to be received as clichéd, you truly aren’t going to believe me when I tell you that this look you see in this post did not even come up aS an alternative to the one I had in mind. My initial idea was; well, it’s a Vintage Cru Gig, so one must bring it hard with the most amazing fashions ever. Like I said, this was a Vintage Cru gig. I won’t get into the outfit I had steamed for this event, all you have to know is that stuff was bought and pieced to suit whatever I must have believed would have worked for a midweek vibe in Maboneng Precinct. A short while before the thing started, my bed was criss-crossed with contents of my drawers and rails and bits from my many jewellery cases -all this because my outfit suddenly didn’t look good enough despite days of thinking it up. So hollowed out for the trusted Fit vs. Volume technique and thought to bring in my thing about wearing shorts, then the oversized fuchsia shirt came into the picture and I took it from there… it needed to be well detailed and still come across as fairly casual. I’m not mad at the final look: bejewelled, bright and an intersection between gentlemanly with a full dosage of street elements. Rolled up fawn shorts and all.

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