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Y’all know we have a thing going on, you and I. It’s wonderful, this affair. Somehow, in a beautifully twisted turn of fate, this blog has made its way on the precise route of achieving what it was initially set up for. Many thanks and hugs and love and stuff. I had to take a minute to Hi-5 y’all there. Whilst I’m still on the humble pie steez, I truly must touch on the whirlwind that has been my style over the years; sweet baby Lee (McQueen), I am grown. This escalation in personality did pose a bit of a threat to my primary shopping and styling habits though, I’ll admit that. Fortunately, I quickly had to remember to never mislay the very fundamentals that contributed to my sartorial journeys despite challenging circumstances –as you can probably imagine. This post is matter-of-factly inspired by a light bulb moment I had the other day whilst shopping for an out-of-town trip and naively imagining myself as something of a Samantha Jones –as in the sequel to Sex And The City movie franchise- type of consumer. I swear for the first time in my life, I experienced a “What’s the worst that could be said about me” moment, to which my body reacted with a thin break of perspiration and a quick shift into an I don’t really care mode. That was when I bought the retro active- wear inspired tee I am wearing in these pics. I am crazily obsessed with this piece and even though I have only ever worn it twice thus far, it serves as testament to my tried styling trials in some way. You see, as far as my relationship with clothes is concerned; it is always an MJ FIRST type of occasion. Checkout some of my all-time go-to stylin’ habits.

Mahlatse James Fashion Advice MJ AND STUFF

MJ AND STUFF Fashion advice Mahlatse James

Fashion Advice MJ AND STUFF

I should probably have these scribbled on all my mirrors or something.


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