Lee Jeans 125 years Winter 2014 Campaign MJ AND STUFF

Throughout the years, many have continuously attempted to reinvent the jeanpant in countless interesting forms. I choose to wear blinders to support this statement. As time went on, a few inventors got it right; some remained stagnant but the great kept reigning supreme. It is almost criminal to speak of reputable denim brands without mentioning the timelessness of Lee Jeans. This year, the legend celebrates 125 years in the business of jeanpantry (seriously, denim should totally consider forming an industry on its own) and this called for a celebration campaign like no other. In line with the well warranted merriments, the Lee Jeans’ campaign for Winter 2014 seems to recommend many more fun moments in denim-wear. Go on ahead and “celebrate the moment, celebrate your friendships, celebrate yourself.”

MJ AND STUFF Lee Jeans 125 Years Celebration Campaign

Winter 2014 Lee Jeans Campaign

Fun Fact: Did you know that one of Lee’s many proud innovations include the first ever pair of jeans with a zip-fly? Yeah, 101Z introduced in 1926.

Lee Jeans Campaigns


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