Mahlatse James suit

Okay, I’m having a bit of a Kate Middleton moment right here. Yes, she who made repetitive fashion a thing. I might have never placed the Duchess of Cambridge in the same ranks as the few style icons I have, but I certainly find myself shamelessly taking notes from some of her missions. Specifically her smart and realistic tendency to wear the same hero fashion items as often as possible. #WhoWouldHaveThunkIt. Many-many months ago; I styled myself into a “suit” made out of items sourced across a variety of channels –from designer wear, to thrifted vintage pieces, off-the-rail stuff and a bit of DIY. I was so chuffed with my creation that I even took it out to the streets that evening, right after Gavin Rajah’s show. Even though the overall look #WERQed then (it’s been well over a year), I never really thought of reincarnating this grey suit… until an invitation popped in for a dinner event when SCOTCH & SODA opened their newest flagship in Sandton. My internal brief called for integration between unconventionally updated classics, a wink at fresh shapes, lashings of humour and of course; my current state of style. The suit made a necessary comeback, high-waisted and tapered pants contrasted the fluidly tailored Italian Cut blazer with double breast buttons. For shits and wits; I chose unfussy greens, limes and yellow features to brighten my grey basis. Also, as a nod to my current fling with functional fashion -which is all very new to me- I always employ top three fundamentals every time I style myself: Something referenced, something odd and something bang-on-trend. Ain’t no shame in my cyclical fashion games and you can bet your top dollar that I will always commit wearing my well-treasured threads as anything but predictable.

Grey pants Suit Mahlatse James


Mahlatse James Grey pants Suit (2)

Vintage Fashion Suit MJ AND STUFF

Fashion Blogger, Mahlaste James MJ AND STUFF




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