Street style MJ AND STUFF

Stylopolitans are always quick to fake a cocktail of mid-European accents and Z-snap defences for their personal styles, plus a constant voyage to budge the furthest from anything “common”. This is truly nothing if not a charming theory indeed, however; reality suggests that there is a clandestine command in making the most out of whatever major trend is out there. #FreeFact I have expressed this before and I am nowhere near the need to reel out high-fashion pom-poms whenever a fashionpolitan who clearly GETS IT, PUTS IT out there and #WERQs IT. If anyone knows this lovely lady here in these pics, please Tweet a bunch of 3D hearts from me to her. It’s not every day that one gets to snap a chicly street styled individual who clearly has a penchant for playing with lengths. Her tailored zip-up jacket worn with a lily white cami at the same (short) hemline gives a distinct nod to seasonless fashion and a rather sharp pronouncement representing petite figures. The part sheer blocked stockings translate wit damning regular daywear commandments, whilst the booties mark an investment note and the knit beanie… well, need I say more? Carefully considered and conveyed with ease.




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