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Funny thing, this fashion; on the pulse (of everything), moody, often wickedly responsive and this is the precise reason why I love it so very much. Many components of this fabulous line of work caught my staggered eye behind these thickly framed tortoise shell spectacles throughout the recently wrapped #FashionMonth, yet nothing came close to the indicated fact that humorous and Fast Fashion is finally gaining its well deserved waggle. I dare not link jargon to my idea of fast fashion in this particular regard. If anything, this post is composed with a clear and dear aim to consider fashion’s burgeoning lust affair with standard food and ahem, maybe intake habits too. I am looking at it in three parts referencing three trendily unique showcases.

 First; is a throwback which saw impassive lovers of fashion (and everyone else) stretching their Occipitalis muscles and questioning the necessity of a “plain” idea derived from a daily utilized product suddenly making waves as a luxury item. Who could possibly forget the Jil Sander paper bag carrier from 2012? The piece is said to be a regular paper bag associated with carrying a lunch pack, just laminated and with a purpose to make a statement. Lol, if you think about it, how bizarre is it that the trend quick trickled down many forms made in a variety of fabrics. Something dim and brilliant I say.

Jil Sander. Fall 2012. Milan.

Jil Sander. Fall 2012. Milan.

Skip, hop and strut directly to the earlier this year’s Ready-To-Wear collections at New York Fashion Week where the designer for Kate Spade; Deborah Lloyd showcased an unconventional souvenir to commemorate her recent trips to Shanghai and Tokyo: a handbag that looks just like Chinese food takeaway box. So many people forecasted head rotations yielding disrepute, yet dear old fashion took it as a flexible feat. You gotta love it.

Kate Spade New York. Fall RTW. New York

Kate Spade New York. Fall RTW. New York

Last, but not in the lightest anywhere near dull; I absolutely must laud Jeremy Scott’s debut collection for Moschino as seen at Milan Fashion Week. Despite my undoubted confidence in Scott’s extreme levels, I did not forecast such homage to great old McDonals. He went to town with the consumer culture’s nucleus and committed with almost every thread. My favourite pieces included the peculiar chain strap purse in the shape of a super-sized paper cup container. This became the instant talk of the industry for a great part of the fashion month.

Moschino. Fall RTW. Milan.

Moschino. Fall RTW. Milan.




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