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I recently read somewhere that at some point in life, we are all likely to sartorially re-visit the decades in which we were born. I cannot confirm the accuracy of this claim because if I had to pick an era to time-travel to, I would wait for a blink before I start singing about the swinging sixties –purely for fashion reasons of course. Having said that; a large part of the pieces railed in my closet seem to reference the crazy 1980s –a decade I once thought was a little bit too animated to make fashion history. Even though I was only born in second half of it and recall any of it.

You see, for reasons unknown to mankind, I too was a fashion snob once a very long time ago and navigated my “development” under an impression that each decade deserves not more than two authoritative style trends.  I know, I know, it’s pathetic -especially since I stand for individualism above everything else.

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My take on the 80’s style is far from an underground movement, if anything, it’s so organic, I have decided to include it in interviews about my style I frequently partake in. Yes. I have taken to now adding “a hint of retro” whenever I try to define my own style, it’s only fair and…well, sensible.

The only terrible bit comes whenever I am tasked to choose only one favourite style star from the 1980s. There are so many and all so very different. I mean, nobody did the sour candy splash thing quite like Boy George and Cyndi Lauper neither did anyone redefine street lady layering like the ageless Madonna did. Grace Jones was full of edge (quite literally) whilst Jane Fonda and Run DMC kept it rolling out on the active-wear front respectively and the incomparable Michael Jackson intersected sparkle with militaria –sash, glove and all.

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In these pics, I am paying homage to colour combinations which were apparently a big deal in my year of birth and wouldn’t have styled it in any different way. I hope I have achieved balancing the 20-somethings years later revival with a fresh approach.

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