mahlatse james Jogger

I love taking part in cool things with really cool people. A little while ago Mr Price thought of me to participate in an exciting challenge alongside some of the country’s finest dude bloggers of our time and the task included personal interpretation of the definite must-wear-right-now item; the jogger.

The retailer’s current mantra advocates the rad statement that Tis The Season To Wear What You Want, In Any Way Satisfying. In short: personal edit is totally a thing right now.

MJ AND STUFF Mr Price Jogger's Challange

In all fairness, all four of us brought it and each blogger’s interpretation seems to be a pretty good demonstration of where we are in our sartorial right now.

In a DM conversation with a Twitter friend yesterday, I found myself having to elaborate further to wear my grey pair the way I did and studying the chat today (and frames from the little street style shoot), it turns out that I too am a bit selfless when it comes to styling. Who knew… ?

Mahlatse James Mr Price Jogger MJ AND STUFF

You see, the gleeful Twitterer went on beautifully about how he loved that I “kept true to my expressive aesthetic” –hello Future Trinomic Slipstream Lite Zebra– “whilst skilfully exposing a relatable item” –the jogger in this regard- “and seemingly observed last season’s black and white details in my pre-autumn layering” –see the button up tee worn atop a black shirt.

Mr Price Jogger Challange Mahlatse James

Bless his eye for details and thank you Mr Price for this awesome challenge. The Jogger is now available to purchase over HERE.


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