Anni King Autumn Winter 2014 MJ AND STUFF

You know how people go-on-and-on about how “shoes maketh the man and a dress maketh the woman”? Well, I choose to believe that these telecasters also dreadfully forget to mention that a good handbag maketh the human.

Anni King Red Bags MJ AND STUFF

Welcome to Anni King as the most recent label to launch their first line of designer bags right here in South Africa. The brand is the mastery of Joanna Chen who worked with her brilliant team of aficionados to create an Autum/ Winter 2014 collection –beautifully named The Foreign Affair.

Anni King bags MJ AND STUFF

Just as the headliner deliberately suggests, this range of high quality genuine leather goods is inspired by the appreciation for travel and an aspiration for the unfamiliar excitement. Anni King looked to Belgium for references and all of the bags in The Foreign Affair collection are named after the towns and cities in the European country.

Anni King Durbuy Wallet MJ AND STUFF

These bags are all sorts fab-tastic and even though the collection for this year’s cooler season, I say one could wear them with any and everything for years to come. My ultimate favourite has to be the grey Charleroi weekender style bag made out of genuine suede with smooth cowhide leather finishes *see pic below* not only because it is bound to look equally amazing in black and white images as it does in exposed colour backdrops, but its size is #EVERYTHING– especially convenient for me because I prefer to have all my (many) necessities in a single stunning carrier when navigate through fashion things. If the fashion gods are reading this, I’ll have them know that I’m literally on my knees…





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