Mahlatse James Sailor In The City

I know, I know… there is absolutely nothing new about nautical vibes, if anything, sail-style inspired fashion has gone from a trendy point to a fundamental collectables. You don’t need me to tell you about the importance of a Breton striped tee in everyone’s wardrobe.  I still haven’t fallen in love with one yet, but that does not stop me from #WERQing my seaside activities inspired threads in the inner city streets.

South african Fashion Blogger Mahlatse James

Nothing comes between me and my love for downtown Jo’burg. Every single minute I spend outside my apartment is such an occasion; I am always stunned by the many dimensions of the city. There is just an incomparable energy that I find truly rare; hence I struggle with understanding people who claim that the inner city is just not their cup of tea. BLEH! Just last week, I marched with a friend across the road from my unofficial corner café work spot to snap these shots.

Nautical top Mahlatse James

My look:  as much I would love to say that this is a chilled outfit, putting it together called for a bit of contemplation. Not a lot of people can get away with a navy-blue vertically striped top straight out of the early 80’s. So to ease off the pressure, I wore it with a pen-rolled pair of regular fitting jeans and an off-white wide brim baseball style cap. You see, I needed to try to not look too costumey whilst channelling my inner city sailor vibe. I threw in two white bags –a tote and a clutch for good measure and of course head turner blue multi textural PUMA R698.

Mahlatse James street style MJ AND STUFF

Would you believe me if I told you that this entire look was inspired by the anchor pin I’m wearing on these shots? #TrueStory


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