It’s crazy how I thought I was exempted from the fashion week craze. Somehow- since I have been doing this for near a decade now, I had rounded up to believing that there is no pressure tight enough to can ever make me question my energy levels whilst FROWing and stuff. #MBFWJ2014 showed me all sorts of flames though. I don’t know if this is because of the creepy flu I had braved throughout the three-daylong fashion fest, the crazy amounts of daily awesomery or if maybe, I had taken on a bit more than I could possible handle. I seriously doubt if it’s the latter.

Subsequently, I tried taking this past week off reality. That did not happen; shoots were planned, lengthy meetings were had, plans were made and a grand total of twenty three minutes on the couch did not count for much. I even joked to The Sir, alleging that if I do not sleep for 48-straight-hours very soon, not only will I either forever be unpleasant or tune into zombie mode. Well then, that was that.



The first local fashion week for the year came, went and I had all kinds of fun whilst doing some genuinely fun work for quite a few varied clients. In between fashioning hard, I met and got to hang out with a many fans of this blog –some of whom even know my previous post better than I could remember and recite –SO MUCH LOVE.

For the first time in my whole fashion living life, I had absolutely nothing to whine about as far as the designer collections are concerned. All designers showcased some amazing stuff and of course, I will definitely pick out my favourite looks off the runway in the next post. Right now, I just need to send a major shout out to all other publications and independent bloggers who shot all these images of me in this post. You see, my working on reserve energy throughout the week left no time to curate #WhatIWore shoots.

Mahlatse James MBFWJ 2014

My theme: having as much fun as possible with collared shirts in my looks.

DAY #1

#DAY 1: If it’s dandy you want, by George, please make it new and stuff. 


Forget about  atwinset suit vibe. I went for a three pice (matching shoes) sports luxe vibe.

#DAY 2: Forget about atwinset suit vibe. I went for a three pice (matching shoes) sports luxe vibe.

#DAY 3: Street Style ready -dripping gold jewells and all.

#DAY 3: Street Style ready -dripping gold jewells and all.

Pic credits:

Trevor Stuurman.

Niquita Bento for Elle Magazine SA

Pholoso Nkosi

Zodwa Kumalo-Valentine for Woolworths

Simphiwe Mkhwanazi

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