Extra-Extra: be all about it. Up for two days and two days only, I have yet another awesome giveaway, a notch up my previous one!

PUMA Back To The City Giveaway MJ AND STUFF

The coming Sunday (27th April 2014) will see a mega #TurnUp as this year’s Back To The City festival happens in Newtown’s Mary Fitzgerals Square between 10h00 and 01h00. The biggest Hip Hop fair in the entire Mother Continent is its 8th year of running successfully and the 2014 edition –celebrating South Africa’s 20 years of freedom- might just be the biggest Joho has ever experienced. I am talking about 3 stages, 20 emcees, 1 surprise international act, 12 DJs, a basketball court, 12 graffiti crews, street fashion, dance crews, live gaming and a 10k challenge for listed cultural enthusiasts among many more rad happenings.


Naturally, I too hopped on it and would like to offer you, dearest awesome reader; TWO sets of double tickets to the fest and for each of the named winners, I have come into a collab with @PUMASouthAfrica to throw in a pair of sweet kicks –ONE for the dudes and ONE for a gal winner. You’ll thank me over sippies in the beer garden right after we snap a few pics. All you need to do to be in the running is: drop a smashing comment below this post with your details and name your fave PUMA kicks. Winners will be announced by close of business tomorrow (16:30, Friday the 25-05-’14).


I will also be running a live Titter giveaway during the fashion show taking place from 13h00 on the day of the event. For this you will need to follow me @Mahlatsej, @PUMASouthAfrica, @BacktothecitySA and use the #bittc2014 to tweet about the designers and you’ll stand a chance of walking away with a brand new pair of PUMA sneakers. I know I’m hella excited.


Go wild, go wicked and I just might see you there.



52 thoughts on “#BTTC2014 x PUMA GIVEAWAY #MAJOR

  1. I am super excited about Back to the city. Hip Hop, Fashion and the joburg inner city, what more could ask for? Well a pair of Puma Faas 600 is the perfect companion to target the concrete jungle. They are stylish, offer support when running and light as feather.

  2. My fave PUMA kicks – definitely The Black PUMA First Round “Repeat Sneaker”. Revisiting an old classic but mashing it with current swag and authenticity. PUMA has always been a style icon in both street and active. I am thrilled PUMA will be a part of the fashion exhibition at this year’s Back To The City Festival.

  3. So going to be there. I’m flying to Jozi tomorrow morning. #FlightBooked! I’ll see you a #BTTC2014. I’ll have my Puma kicks on and looking forward to winning that Puma Trinomic.
    My kicks never get old coz they don’t touch the ground.

  4. My son inked on my right,blue sued high tops on my feet,my name is DougB with a bang,South of Johustleburg,jus n case yal wondering,if it aint about hip hop,then G gotta go BACK TO THE CITY get yo mind relate this is HIP HOP#BTTC2014 fav puma kicks= white sued high tops

  5. My favourite Puma sneak is the Future Trinomic Slipstream Lite LT . Saw this little beast about a week ago when I was out in Sandton. A deep breathe was all I could afford. S/O to Puma for this. *Crossed Fingers*

    Facebook Account : Principle Sefatsa
    Mobile : 074 588 9475

  6. Its very difficult for me to single out one sneaker that’s a cut above the rest because Puma sneakers are just out of this world but If there’s a must have sneaker it has to be the
    ‘PUMA Future Disc Lite Opulence’!!!
    Its just what I need and more in a sneaker

  7. My favorite #Puma kicks would have to be The PUMA “Girls of Blaze” Disc Collection by Solange as I’m a huge fan of hers and think this collab is off the hook! It will be my first time at @BacktothecitySA and I’m super-stoked 🙂

  8. My favourite Puma sneakers at the moment are the Puma Clyde Mid x Bode Limited edition sneakers in Lizard Green. My Gaaaawd! I would kill to get my hands on a pair of those! They are impeccably designed and so unique.

  9. I go crazy over puma but this 3 stand out for me the Puma-Trinomic-XT1, PUMA-XT2 & the puma X solange with a disc-cage

  10. Wow I would love to give you a story about how much I love this festival but I’ll be honest, this is the first time I am hearing about this festival and I am ashamed of myself for not having done more research on it before. The hip hop in SA has come a long way and I believe we are producing some real quality for the first time- and I am loving it! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate hip hop than on the day that symbolises all that is new and has changed in SA. The fact that we have a hip hop industry that is embracing it’s roots is a testament to Freedom day and I would love the opportunity to attend this festival to celebrate that. We have a house industry that is moving in the same direction and it is just exciting! I’d also love the chance to Doc Doc Shebeleza my booty away! My fave puma shoes are the Ferrari Winning Diva Ballerinas- not the most hip hop I know but I love them anyway 🙂 You can contact me on angelal.maciel@gmail.com
    Thank you for your time.

  11. What’s up my favourite Puma kicks are Puma Trinomic for women. It would be dope to wear kicks as dope as those at the dopest hiphop festival in Africa…. #YesISaidDopeALot

  12. Puma is the invogorating force in the streets of South Africa since…FOREVER. The fashion and lifestyle brand has always advocated for one’s freedom of expression to the MAX.

    My favourite Puma kicks are: Puma Trinomic XT2

  13. Love the red one… Smashing hot and they will go well with my outfit 4 back to the city festival

    They r Pumatic love em

  14. And then,I so wnna be part of this event..and and and I .won’t say no to a pair of PUMA sneakers either,.But foreal now,…I would love to attend this event..:)

  15. My fav Puma kicks are there FIRST ROUND High-TOP sneaker. Loving the design and colours. Toooooooooooooo DOPE ;-)!!!!!

  16. Oh and I haven’t won anything in my life so far lmao. So I hope this changes it :). If not, it was worth the short! I posted a comment a bit earlier. So this is just a follow up of the previous comment!

  17. I’ve seen Puma giving away cool cool stuff over the years at BTTC fest big ups to them,
    2014 marks a milestone in may respect, it would be great to have a pair of Puma kick since I don’t own one, however that TOMCATS is bananas “cat on fire” .Looking forward to another installment of BACK TO THE CITY Yeeeeeeaaahhh………

    Cell – 0718504654
    Size – 7

  18. #StreetCulture connects people from all walks of life,whether u black,white,indian or chinese…#BTTC14 is like the God of the streets,trying 2 connect all his kids 2gether

    *Puma Trinomic R698*

  19. A Big S/O to Puma for giving Back to SA Hip Hop lets all meet @ the the Festival da mode is activated #BTTC14. Catch me @ the RedBull Stage for the 10K Challenge. Got mad love for Puma Future Basket HI Sneakers

  20. I’m bringing the whole Vaal Triangle to JSec for BTTC2014.. This one gotta buck mad. And with a fresh pair of Trinomics I’m gon bounce till they kick me out.

  21. DAMN!!!!! Those grey and white Trinomic ones are DOPER than a dope phene on dope…. I NEED THEM… actually if anyone else gets them i’m robbing yo ass…. I got my presidential tickets and you know we going HAM on sunday, …. #BTTC2014 hell yeah…. Big Up to @Mahlatsej big up to @pumasouthafrica…. Cant wait to see you homies at the show man….This your boi nic BLAZE

    TWITTER – @justblazethe1st
    FACEBOOK – Nicholas Best or justblazethe2nd@gmail.com
    InstaG – @justblazethe1st

      • Hey man… big up for the reply. Yeah dude i want those grey ones so bad, if i do win, meet me at the beer garden i’ll let you touch them. hahahahaha… follow me @justblazethe1st

  22. Yay! LuuRrvve giveaways. Luv u lurvin givin giveaways boo. Lol. Fave Puma kicks? Totes Clydes. They are the essence of cool darlin embodied by the style ( think Pimp chic!) and mannerisms (think love-able Slick-Back) of THE legendary Knicks basketball player Walt Frazier. Plus the color combinations are virtually endless. But on de real tho, choose me 2 come chill wit ya at de back-2-de-city festivities with my new size 4 Pumas on de parts of my body dat never change sizes. We. Will. Run. Dis. Mother! Believe! *dropsmic*

  23. Im so super excited with Joburg hosting #BTTC2014 – The Hip Hop fair in the entire Mother Continent.

    And again we’ll be celebrating 20years of freedom, damn i’ve been waiting for this day.

    To the next years of freedom, i’ll be walking in my PUMA kicks. Walking in style to freedom!!


    Maureen Makgato and Nic Blaze are the decided winners of this giveaway and will each receive double tickets to #BTTC2014 and pair of fine PUMA kicks.

    Congratulations you guys, I will get in contact with y’all shortly.

    There is still another giveaway which will involve live Tweeting at the fashion Show to be held at Back To The City at 13:00 on Sunday 27th April 2014. -Details in the post above.

    • Oh damn I won! Big up man… just made my day dude…. really appreciate it!!!! Cant wait to see you homies there tomorrow.
      My digits – 0832733449

      Once again big up….

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