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One of the most profound lessons I have learned in my life, especially my life in the fashion business was from the living legend that is Ella Butter of Superella. In one of our many pleasurable conversations over the years, we touched a bit on the fact that as fashion people, we generally have a way of setting demands way above grounds. More often than not, we don’t even care to elaborate further on some of the superfluous requests we easily put out there. For example; I know I am guilty of shutting eyes tightly at the sight anything I consider “clichéd” and “uninspired”. Truth is; just as dearest Ella said: for as long as human beings on average are born with two one head, two arms stretching out of a torso and a set of legs connected to a pelvic bone, most clothes will probably be created in usual form. This is not an “AHA!” moment, it is a #FACT. I then came to gather a pecking order of sorts. In my head –based on how and why I buy clothes; designers’ manner of presentation is of the highest importance, closely followed by expert stylists’ vast interpretations and then retail availability. At the tip of this totally reversible chain; I look to the streets for stimulation because quite frankly, these clothes have to be worn by real life people, doing real life things at a real life pace. Bottom-line is: owning one’s style is #EVERYTHING. Much like I undertook in these images. I could have thrown on a suede blazer and sealed my pencil pusher referenced look straight out of the office to drinks at the same spot I get my lunch. Not me. I called for an oversized flannel waterfall lapelled cardigan, cinched in the waist area with my dad’s old belt. I needed to be present in my look, thus I can I claim it as mine!

I am in no way suggesting that the fun skill of putting together an amazing look is bestowed to just anyone. Lord knows good help is imperative. Complicated


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