MJ AND STUFF Jessica Lupton of Gaschette

If a picture is truly alleged to communicate a thousand words, these here of my darling friend; Jessica Lupton must rank in six digit figures. #YeahISaidIt The ever so stunning Co-founder of the equally stylish Gashette Magazine hardly ever puts a foot wrong. In these shots, snapped by me at #MBFWJ2014 she showed off –yet again- her near capable fondness for unquestionable style.

Dressed in a black floor length skirt by Avant Apparel and a white long sleeved shirt from Mr Price, Jess looks every bit like the fashion royalty that she is. I adore that her outfit of choice is captivating in any manner imaginable sans any possible degree of “trying too hard”. This, ladies and gents is a perfect example of exuding confidence whilst paying homage to timelessness. It’s a no brainier that she made my list of Best Dressed individuals as I picked for MBLIFE.CO.ZA

Jessica Lupton of Gaschette MJ AND STUFF

Hold back your chastising beads and just agree with me; JESS IS GODLY.


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