MJ AND STUFF Street Style

I love winter, I always have and for as long as I believe in the unrestraint of good style, I know for sure that I always will. Note that I am in no way discounting the generally dazzlingly celebrated optimism of the warmer seasons. All I am saying is, there is just something about being in total control of what you get to wear and not giving into mass strains.

My mother used to always allege that winter is when we get to see who has great style and who should just give it up to capable hands. She further elaborated that “it’s easy for people to throw on heaps of clothes and dare call it layering, but in a local sense (seeing that we only ever have just over 12 hours of winter, starting as dusk settles in and detaches off not too long after the break of dawn), the real skill lies in achieving a triumphant factor with and without the winter cover up”. I have lived by this style lesson for many a winter and this year seems to be the most serving –as far as options are concerned.

Non-confining shapes are everything right now and keeping in mind that personal style edits are having an advisable moment too, we really must be living in promising times. In the pic above Annette Beegte wears a seemingly vintage, windowpane check, pea coat and nods at the carelessly chic trend.  So very now. The roomier cut affords plenty alternatives to can style in many ways; belted a bit higher above the waistline, the coat should give a timeless hourglass shape and when left unopened (unzipped or unbuttoned) as an overcoat, the overall style should encapsulate a revelation of trends.

The two fabulous finds by KELSO here below are currently housed at your nearest Edgars store and the FREE 2 B U coat will only be available in the coming month -June 2014.

Black-Cream KELSO Coat

Black-Cream KELSO Coat

Long Biker Coat in Black & White by KELSO.

Long Biker Coat in Black & White by KELSO.

FREE 2 B U Fluffy Boyfriend Coat in Cream

FREE 2 B U Fluffy Boyfriend Coat in Cream



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