Fortune Clothing Sheer Sress MJ AND STUFF

There is a rattle in the fashion circles right now. A rapturous rattle, I say. Talks have been had about a certain sheer dress situation as seen worn by she who was awarded Fashion Icon of the year, at the recently celebrated Council of Fashion Designers of America. A dress hasn’t had people like this in very long time –igniting variable points crossing from feminism to slut-shaming, to attempted digs into bygone industry influencers’’ closets. Stuff to go down in history, I tell you. If rants and chants via social media and the blogosphere in general are anything to go by, I’d say that conversations for the rest of the year are likely to start with feisty annotations alongside “goodness-gracious. How about that sheer dress…?”

Anyway, despite the fact that tongues will continue to wildly woggle, I know for sure that there are a few people dying to have their very own regular moments of translucence… and being the good human that I am –no I am not BBFs with Mel Ottenberg or Adam Selman (yet), so I cannot hook up a remake of Rihanna’s sparkle fest dress-.  I have however just recently discovered a stunning and uhm, comparatively “wearable” alternative from FORTUNE clothing’s winter 2014 collection.*see pics* the white Antique Lace Maxi Dress. I can go on-an-on about Georgia East’s designer brand, but fact is; this piece is #EVERYTHING and can be worn in crazy different ways. The only pre-requisite, I think, should be a banging body. So yes, about that sheer dress…

Fortune Clothing A-W 2014 Antique lace dress


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