MJ AND STUFF Menswear Street Style

There is absolutely no reason to why I do not own a chequered blazer. It mind boggles me. How very dare I miss such a cardinal investment piece? I mean, I do own an Italian Cut double breasted button jacket which I have since coordinated into a suit alongside a matching pair of ¾ length Escada pants as I have worn HERE. But my heart is set on an exciting voyage to pursue a bold item raging with plenty personality.

Quite possibly, I could just be shamelessly scheming up an excuse to shop for yet another conversation piece to pair with almost everything from windowpane checks with jeans and tees out in the sun (and of course killer accessories), to houndstooths with joggers and jumpers throughout winter (and merchandise them up with some shoes) and sometimes gallantly integrating traditional tartan weaves into a look with lashings of print-mania… all I know thus far is that no part of me will rest until a proper hook-up happens.

Until then, you best believe that these pics of the well clad people I know will be pinned on inspiration boards all over my house.

MJ AND STUFF Street Style Phemelo Kabini





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