#TBT ZAMA DUBE x Féte De La Musique 2013.

MJ AND STUFF Zama Dube Fete De La Musique

This here is a proper #ThrowbackThursday post. This year’s Féte De La Musique is around the corner (literally counting days here) and all I can think of is all the gorgeously street styled people I will get to snap at the festival. If this pic of my always-clad-to-the-nines friend; Zama Dube is anything to by, all this octane tempo excitement is totally worth it. You see, the thing my gal Zama’s dress up sense is; much like me, she loves clothes. I know this because we’ve had many a shopping date together and she just gets it. In these pics as photographed by yours truly around this time last year –at the Féte of course, she stylishly nods at the “central” festival chic trend without the overly deliberate bohemian reference. I love her threads case and just can’t wait for the fest.

Zama Dube MJ AND STUFF Fete De La Musique 2013

Fete De La Musique Zama Dube MJ AND STUFF


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