Loxion Kulca

Ladies and gentlemen I am a firm believer in fate. This is in no way a novel realisation; it’s just that for a very long time I threw the trusted old “let’s leave it to fate” card whenever doubt seemed to weigh down an exaggeratedly stretched judgment… well, that and the lacklustre seasons when there are just no SALE signs anywhere. This declaration comes after an intense deliberation (with the rhythmic voices in my imaginary walk in) over a suit from Loxion Kulca’s current runway range as first presented at the South Africa Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2014 collections.

I remember every second following the moment I saw male model Manyano Mahlakata stepping on that ramp in that particular show, wearing the suit of my dreams. Must rank among the toughest couple-of-minutes ever, because never in my entire life as a frower, have I ever employed that much tactic to try and control a possible fit of gasps. We’ve established that I am a budding suit person and since it is known that I am not much of a traditionalist in this regard, I know without a shadow of doubt that this outfit is PERFECT –an abundant amount of details well attended to, devoid of crazy and dramatic pomp and ceremony.

I walked out of that show still buzzing and animatedly gushing until I thought to toss the idea of ever wearing it into the flooding “fate” crate. On the following day, I had a wonderful opportunity to engage with the fashion house’s current Creative Director; Olebogeng Ledimo in between shows and my excitement could just not be contained even though he told me that the suit of my dreams is likely to go directly into archiving. Can you imagine what happened to my heart?

A couple of months later I saw it again. This time worn by a different model and showcased at the Sanaa Africa Fashion Show, still looking like the piece of wearable art that should be hung in my closet and reserved for super special occasions and dinner table tales for my children and their children’s children.

I have since had some time to think about it. As a matter of fact, I’ve used all this time to think about it and I know for a fact that dear old fate wants to cut me a deal resulting in me owning this suit. Heck, I even went a bought shoes to go with it.

Loxion Kulca

As seen at the Sanaa Africa Fashion Showcase.

As seen at the Sanaa Africa Fashion Showcase.

Now to attain it…


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