Fluffy Winter Pull Over from Mr Price

Fluff is currency y’all! One of the new favourable ways to style myself (and a few others) a little different from the rest throughout winter involves avoiding the obvious “too-layered-to-care” approach.  *This is the part where you squint, then purse your lips a little while skilfully murmuring something alongside “he-done-gone-and-lost-all-of-his-mind”*. No seriously, this year I too am all about texture before everything else. In these gloomy weather seasons, daytime chills are best dealt with through a hearty injection of fun and fuzziness in one’s wardrobe. A brilliant example is seen here in these pics; an ice-blue fluffy turtleneck pullover from Mr Price which thankfully covers the necessity for bright colours and of course; an appeal for never-ending warm hugs. This should definitely be added onto this mid-winter’s list of Must Have items and with all the many different ways to wear it, I guarantee that you will join in as we all just sit well clad to watch the chill reign swing right by.

MJ AND STUFF Blue Fluffly Pullover

MJ AND STUFF Street Style Mr Price Fluffy pullover

You can buy this stunner (the pullover) right HERE.

Mr Price fluffy pullover: R149. 99

Mr Price fluffy pullover: R149. 99



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