MJ AND STUFF Street Style

I’m almost certain that I probably speak for a lot of Stylopolitans by alleging that we all have that one friend (or five) who just won’t indulge us, as far as managing their wardrobe is concerned. Forget the known fact I am actually not very bad at it – I mean, if a decent living is made from such an exercise. Well, I must done a whole lot of good by recently changing my shower gel because for the first time in history, my tight friend of over 10 years called for my expertise to style and photograph him for a project he was working on. Exciting stuff I tell you, especially because Danny, my friend, didn’t have much of a brief. As a matter of fact all I got out of him –despite my random and untameable Michael Jackson style kicks- was a strongly articulated “you know I’m not too keen on the ‘high fashion’ stuff, can we please not go there?” Of course I grinned and pretended not to hear a thing as I dug myself a tunnel through bits and bops inside in closet. We spent hours and hours playing a grown up and mannish adaptation of dressing up; colour coding and colour clashing to create frames we were both happy with. The goal was to make him look like the best version of him under a bit of guidance and I think we achieved that with these pics. Unfussy, relatable, yet considered with timeless notes. Unfortunately, I cannot share all other outfit options (blood, sweat and tears kind’a stuff) so, do enjoy these here.

Danny Madisha Street Style MJ AND STUFF

MJ AND STUFF Street Style Danny Madisha

MJ AND STUFF South African Street Style

Danny Madisha MJ AND STUFF

MJ AND STUFF Danny Madisha



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