Ron Zacapa Launch MJ AND STUFF

I have decided! My weekend posts will from now on always be about other aspects of my life because, you know, I am a certified liker of things and I do have a life outside of fashion too. Contrary to popular belief…

Mahlatse James Ron Zacapa DWEleven 13 Garth Warwright

Over a week ago, I was invited to join an intimate crew of influential humans for an exclusive evening of fine dining at the well awarded DWEleven- 13 whilst learning about the marvellous Ron Zacapa Rum. What a treat. The knowledgeable Gareth Wainwright took to the role of hosting and expertly educated a few of us about the beverage’s welcomed footprint in the country alongside lip-smacking cuisine designed to match.

MJ AND STUFF Ron Zacapa dinner Mahlatse James

No prize for guessing that the Ron Zacapa sprung right up my alley –it must have something to do with my part-Caribbean hereditary. That said, I must stress that Ron Zacapa is a truly rare brew because unlike moss standard rums, the premium spirit is handcrafted in high altitudes, about 2300 metres above sea level in the mountains of Guatemala. The masterful and slowed maturing process is cared for under Lorena Vásquez’s strict guidance and having been gifted with my own bottle (with my name engraved in gold no less) I now understand the concentrated awesomeness invested in this rum.

Ron Zacapa Dinner MJ AND STUFF

Great evening of great sippies and of course preamble relations.

Great evening of great sippies and of course preamble relations.


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