Babatunde Umbrellas MJ AND STUFF

We have been experiencing part-rainy days here in Jo’burg, right in the middle of winter. Like, have you ever!? This makes one’s navigation a tad dreadful, considering that one’s job involves a lot of people watching whilst J-walking all over town in search for cool things. And a combo of wet hair and a soaked outfit ranks right up there alongside extreme phobias of any well-informed fashionpolitan. Such a nightmare! Thankfully, a sigh of relief is blessedly supported my love for nice things and in this particular regard, I look to Babatunde’s collection of radiant umbrellas. I have been such a follower of the accessories brand since its inception and the latest collection still carries my dear awesome friend and creator of the label; Gareth Cowden’s faultless signature print work.

Babatunde Ashanti Umbrella MJ AND STUFF

Made out of fine quality materials sourced from the streets of Ghana and Benin, with an immaculate attention to detail, these umbrellas are absolutely worth acquiring. I’m pretty sure that my strut-about missions will be a stylish sight all the way into the coming spring and summer.

MJ AND STUFF Babatunde Umbrellas

For these and more Babatunde items, shop HERE.

Babatunde Bawku Umbrella MJ AND STUFF


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