Smooth and Shine range MJ AND STUFF

My hair issues are real issues. Seriously, I don’t know if you’ve gathered but I have been #WERQing a hat game a lot lately. See all of these HERE, that one time HERE and well, most of these HERE. Truth is; have spent the past three weeks thinking about what to do with this hair of mine. After months of playing with tints, shades and part-fade style haircuts I am now puzzled with my next move. Realistically, I know for sure that a serious care solution should be brought in. My salvation came in the form of the newest hair care range by Schwarzkopf. Smooth ‘N Shine’s one-of-a-kind formulae.

...The Washers...

…The Washers…

Containing high performance formulas and the best properties of African Moringa and Olive Oils, Smooth ‘N Shine is the first hair care range specially developed to cater for black African hair’s unique and diverse needs. These include requirements for high levels of hydration, protection and manageability.

...The Prep Stars...

…The Prep Stars…

I am realistic enough to know that with all the many chemicals in my hair, one must invest in proper products. For this mission I looked a little bit beyond my daily foam-in-a-shower routine, which is all good but provide a short-lived guard of my hair. Also considered; was a trustworthy brand, easy to get right off the store shelves and of course the easiest of procedures as I try to lessen the time I usually spend trying to resurrect the wellbeing of my mane.

...the gel based hair food..

…the gel based hair food..

This new range consists of 15 product lines with both retail and salon size formats. From relaxers and cleansers to treatments, followed by expert after-care solutions to ensure our queens experience that royal smooth way to shine. Smooth ‘N Shine also has a range of world-class styling aids for healthy and glossy hair that makes you shine.

...the shine surety kit...

…the shine surety kit…

I will be trying out all these products in these pics and when they deliver great results, I will be sure to keep you in the know. The new Smooth ‘N Shine range will be in stores today. Do check it out and let’s chat about it.



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