Versace Mens Jumpsuit Spring 2015

I can finally say that I am totally ready for a jumpsuit. I am grinning from ear to ear as I write this because I have witnessed the emergence of a one-piece trend a while ago when I still served in magazines; I stood steadily on a fashion junction, fidgeting over the possibility of ever making a decision to own one. I mean, even though I have seen a large variety of interpretations throughout the seasons and even gone as far as recommending some stunning items for a couple of clients, never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I too will at some point in life want one so bad. Because… well I know myself too well.

This simply means that I would to town with nitpicking every bit. Ideally I would love to look a little more like an updated 70’s revival bloke with all the fine tailored details and escape any chance to possibly resemble a grown-ass-human campaigning for a lullaby –trust, it could get ridiculous if not warily well thought-out.

I am crushing real hard on all three of the nothing-short-of-perfect jumpsuits seen in Versace’s newest collection showcasing threads for the Spring of 2015. Right up my radar, these pieces exemplify everything I stand for right now: classic in fit, cut for comfort sans jeopardising newness and laudability in design to carry out the fashion house’s congenial communiqué.

 Trends come and trends go but the “onesie” game in the pics here below has me considering pledging an alliance with the Versace medusa and also dexterously take part in inflicting a set up of the single piece suit onto the menwear front. Yes, the jumpsuit and boilers for dudes have been on the radar for a quite some time but, nowhere near achieving the staple piece phenomenon earned by creations for women which must bring in big money… if the global demand is anything to go by.

Yes, I want me a fine jumpsuit.

Mens Jumpsuit Versace ss 2015

Versace SS 2015 Black Jumpsuit

Versace ss 2015 Mens Jumpsuits

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