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Let’s be frank about this here a situation; nobody deserves to go through life with a naked smart phone. There, I said it. I mean, we live in an age where appearance is #EVERYTHING and unless you belong to the school of swankers whose loyalty remains assiduously pledged to boisterous generic branding, then by all means, please do wheel away on the train of banality. If maybe like me, you would much rather have your cellular phone extend the expression of who you are and what you individually stand for; you are definitely going to love PhoneCases.co.za quite like I do.

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PhoneCases.co.za has introduced cutting-edge technology which enables anyone keen for originality an opportunity to design a mobile cover in a few minutes. A simple 3-step guide leads you to (1) upload your favourite image to the site HERE, (2) customize it with an extensive range of themes and imagery –see the Pinterest page HERE for examples, and (3) hit “Buy Now” and await your tailor-made phone case to arrive within 4 working days. Made from the highest quality materials, the superiority of a clip-on polycarbonate case provides ultimate protection of a scratch resistant exterior. A full-wrap printing technique is employed to infuse the image design into the surface of the case, which ensures that the print does not fade.

...because BOS Ice tea is my staple diet and it rocks...

…because BOS Ice tea is my staple diet and it rocks…

I am obsessed with this service and of course the rad designs, and I haven’t stopped yapping about it to everyone I come across. My top faves right now include everything attached to Tata Nelson Mandela’s name and his wise teachings –seeing that it is #Mandela Month- see these pics below.

Nelson Mandela phone cases mj and stuff

Hopefully, the eminence of this great option will result in some exciting sights when people whip out their mobiles for selfies. Out with the bedazzling gun, in with PhoneCases.co.za

MJ AND STUFF PhoneCases.co.za


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