Trevor Stuurman x Adraan Kuiters MJ AND STUFF

They grow up so darn fast I say. It truly feels like just the other day when I met the crazily talented Mr Trevor Stuurman and we hit it off immediately with a mission to assemble a flourishing position in this kingdom. It comes as no surprise that this brother of mine keeps soaring way high above prospects. His gift is like none other I have ever known. We should probably get matching tattoos or something…

Hearty stuff aside, I am also very proud of witnessing his sartorial growth too. I photo-snapped the knowledgeable stylopolitan here wearing one of my many suit crushes by Adriaan Kuiters. Y’all know I am all about jumping for joy over a fresh take on a twin set. This suit is very now and the ease with which it is seemingly cut makes for octane excitements. I mean, can we observe silence for the enviously structural, yet billowy sleeve work? Those matching shorts could be styled in infinite ways too. The grainy grey shade definitely ranks among my all-time favourite colour schemes to work with season in and season out.

MJ AND STUFF Trevor Stuurman Adriaan Kuiters

Trevor is currently in LA –as in Los Angeles- for an exchange program with the eminent Chapman University and upon his arrival, he texted me an update on his style ventures. If this suit is anything to go by, the US of A is in for a stylish treat.

Shop Adriaan Kuiters HERE



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