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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but my posts have been a few and apart of now late, coupled with busyness I had committed myself to, all for a stylish shift you will notice a little later *winks*. The painful bit was the unceremonious inability to share with you all the wonderful thoughts and ideas I have had, ramming into my system throughout the last three weeks. A fan of the blog also sent in mail and howled about a rigorous “famine of fashion” I have put her under. This post is just a twinkle of what has been on my radar…

Just this past Sunday, I honoured an invitation to join the well-heeled and attended this year’s Land Rover Africa Cup Finals at the 80-year-old Inanda Club. I told y’all I am expanding an appreciation for sport. In addition to feeding my curiosity for equestrian vibes at a prestige level, I got all fuzzy and stuff on the inside after witnessing that there was a theme –everybody who know me, know here I stand when thumped with a theme-. The invitation summoned A Touch of Gold and having spent a great deal of this winter with my fashion eyes fixed on all things OPULENT, this was to be a festive fair of fabulousness.

MJ AND STUFF Blogger Mahlatse James

South African Blogger Mahlatse James

MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James

Well, I kind of went with several strokes of gold –as you can probably tell in these pics -the shoes, the belt and the braiding on the bolero. I suppose I had to bring it from interesting and dissimilar bends, you know, for all those cheerless individuals who just can’t seem to execute a theme so precisely requested.

Mahlatse James Fashion Blogger MJ AND STUFF

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