Mahlatse James for Topman x Oppikoppi x MJ AND STUFF

The Oppikoppi weekend comes next week and I seem to have lost some senses in keyed up anticipation –festivals do this to me. There is just something really cool about the liberty of spending a few days out in open air with several options to observe moments in history created through music performed live. No prize for guessing that my most fave bit involves some serious fashion served throughout the music fest. Alongside the rubber boots and vellies wearing folk.

In these pics I picked a head-to-toe outfit from Topman SA, inspired by the current festival-chic state of style. Having been to a fair share of outdoorsy music fests thus far, I know for sure that one is bound to meander endlessly throughout the day (and night), so functionality reigned above all else when I decided on what I would likely wear for the 20-years-old Oppikoppi.

Mahlatse James South African Blogger x Topman for Oppikoppi

Since winter is part way through, the basis of my styling is a pair of black denim skinny shorts worn with a black and yellow buffalo plaid shirt layered beneath a wide-weave chunky knit and a black beanie for the cred factor.  The shoe game saw me adopting a pair of part-cheetah print plimsolls which tied in exceptionally with the yellow tint of the flannel shirt. A backpack is also a definite must-have as a carry-all for necessities. Seriously, you don’t need me to tell you about the importance of backpack in such a vibe. Bulking pockets are just not a look. Like, ever. This black leather situation is both stunning and practical.

South African Fashion Blogger Mahlatse James x Topman x Oppikoppi

Oppikoppi x Topman x MJ AND STUFF

Mahlatse James x Topman for Oppikoppi

topman south africa x Mahlatse James x MJ AND STUFF x OppiKoppi

MJ and Stuff for Topman MJ AND STUFF

There you have it folks; my picks from Topman to make up a rad wardrobe for the Oppikoppi weekend. Like it?

There you have it folks; my picks from Topman to make up a rad wardrobe for the Oppikoppi weekend. Like it?


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