MJ AND STUFF Marieke Mertz wearing Joel Janse Van Vuuren at SAFW

I had a good mind to theme this post around one of those canny riddle-like questions enquiring about a seemingly obvious case. Cheese-dot-org much? I probably would have asked; what you get when you put a charmingly gifted fashion princess in a dress by an award winning designer whose clothing brand is rightfully said to be synonymous with praiseworthy creativity, an enigmatic use of colour and ultra femininity? I told you I could cheese it up.’s Marieke Mertz does all sorts of justice (and then some) to this imaginatively wearable piece of art by the darling Joel Janse van Vuuren. Words are just not enough to dare describe this clear classic case of an outstanding fashion moment.

As much as I know that a lot of female folk are likely to (sensibly) steer towards this dress, I figure that it must call for a combination of a sound styling capability and a personality to match. You know the type of human who can step up to its remarkable make. Someone just like Marieke here. I have seen her #WERQ with a lot of trends over the last few times we met and she is something of a connoisseur when it comes to owning a look. Seriously, her threads game is ALWAYS on fire and for me, these pics serve as fixed evidence. There is definitely something gratifying about the colour co-ord, the flamboyantly billowy shape and of course M.Mertz’s choice of styling.

Marieke Mertz Joel Janse van Vuuren MJ AND STUFF

Well I guess I went and answered that canny riddle-like question I tried so hard to not ask. Can’t be blamed for it; girl met designer, designer made magic, girl picked a stunning dress wore it perfectly. It’s a match made in fashion heaven I say.

Joel Janse Van Vuuren dress worn by Marieke Merts at the South African Fashion Week MJ AND STUFF



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