I am going to grieve over the swift ending of this year’s winter. I really am. Plentiful fun was had by me piecing up threads from one’s wardrobe as I hopped on a never-ending movement to elevate my often changing perspective as far as a personal taste is concerned. I keep invading random conversations with slurry declarations that I still await a proper outro outfit before I can bid adieus to the season of layering and with a few weeks left for me to go through cooler evenings, my eyes are set on a selection of avant-garde designer capes I spotted around this time a year ago at the Durban Fashion Fair. Yes, a good cape would be more than a-okay to wear out just before calling in the heat -decision made.

The dearest designer whose threads I speak of is none other than the forward-thinking Miles Luthuli who caught my eye a few years ago when he showcased his fast emerging label Lutuleigh for the first time at the DFF. Justifiably, subsequent to an arresting inaugural moment on the runway, he made the cut as one the 10 carefully selected designers straight from Durban (Shout out to the eThekwini Municipality Business Support, Tourism and Markets Unit Fashion Development Programme) to go through an internship in Milan where he gained insight serving under some of the very best in the business.

It was upon his return to SA when Miles’ all-menswear sophomore showcase stole my heart in parts and presented an imprinted adoration for his range of capes within a collection of interestingly exciting separates. These capes could be styled into any look really and immediately upgrade one’s outfit to a level way above average. I need not be convinced any further.




Pics: SDR Photos.



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