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Spring has definitely sprung and there will be no prizes for guessing who is all geared up to plot a course around inner city streets like it ain’t a thing. We all know my preferred carrier of choice (for a while now and seemingly forever) is a backpack because the practicality of it is just too real-dot-com and whether we like it or not, has become something of a must-hurl statement accessory if like me, you perhaps spend most of your day on a literal go. I have somehow also managed to flirt a little bit with personalising my burgeoning collection of backpacks, quite like I do with a lot of my pieces and some belonging to people who dare spend more than a couple-of-days in my house –I just might surreptitiously be setting alight an embryonic aspiration for a bedazzling gun here #JustSaying.


Anyway, a quick sweet piece of information to help corroborate the sitch in these pics: For this grey utilitarian style rucksack I went with adding on modern day Jozihood Mad Max details such as an acid blue metal chain swinging alongside a weave of wax print fabrics and multiple stands of plastic beads. The sort of done to appear undone look. Talk about a calculated ease into the spring season before my very own vibrancy kicks in full effect. I mean, we’re only in our second day here so it makes absolute sense that I instigate the necessarily heartening bloom with the coupled outfit almost camouflaged in a solid colour palate. Hint; I am definitely looking at solids for my spring wardrobe.

Mahlatse James canvas backpack MJ AND STUFF

Back to it, I can only ever hope that this little bag ornamentation custom of mine will add to one of the fun fashion exercises for the spring season. It’s a thing, you know…

Mahlatse James Black and White pics MJ AND STUFF

MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James

MJ AND STUFF Grey backpack Mahlatse James

Mahlatse James Street Style



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