White tutu skirt worn by Nhanhla Nciza, MJ AND STUFF

These pics I snapped of Mafikizolo’s leading lady; Nhlanhla Nciza –doing what she does so well when not flipping beyond all possible margins of fashion, have me wanting to talk a bit about tutus. Yes, one of the few items of clothing which can be styled to transcend long-standing romanticism trends with as much charm as it does in “alternative style” circles. Oh how far this marvellous creation has come since primarily alternating between serving as a petticoat in the 18th Century and of course the significant uniform for ballet performers.  Hauled out back into the fashion front in the mid 1980s when pop and rock subcultures entwined, the skirt made out of layered tulle fabric defined an era but it wasn’t until the legendary trend expedition confidently fronted by SJP as Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City TV series, that women across all style levels saw the proverbial tutu as something of a must-adopt piece. This is purely per my rationale kindled by the type of women I associate myself with. I have since witnessed many a gal-on-the-move #WERQing a tutu skirt in interesting styles but my absolute favourite eye-candy remains the choice to style the skirt as laid-back as possible and still buzzing with vibrancy. Much like Nhlanhla did here, rounding up her look with an all-ivory look with a peplum chemise, matching shoes and black accessories as a bit of a nod to the interminable affinity with everything black and white.

Nhlanhla Nciza MJ AND STUFF

As it appears, a tutu can be worn in any way desired so there really is no reason to consider one.

MJ AND STUFF White tutu skirt Nhanhla Nciza




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