#MBFWCT2014 Left to Right: Tart. Lo. Loin Cloth and Ashes.

#MBFWCT2014 Left to Right: Tart. Lo. Loin Cloth and Ashes.

Do you know how to tell if or when a person knows absolutely nothing about the functioning of the fashion industry? -When they almost pat themselves in the back for aimlessly quoting the near decade old Priestly-in-Prada excerpt which unashamedly denounces the choice of styling floral prints into one’s wardrobe for the spring season as far from innovative. It’s always so darn funny in parts when I’m not working my hardest to fold my corneas into my skull.  Here’s what I know; florals for spring are NOT meant to be groundbreaking. If anything, wearing blooms at a dawn of this sunny spell connotes a sense of eagerness in line with natural sequence (in case you haven’t stepped outside). This is just the way it is, so next time you meet a person proudly donned in bountiful floral-mania, celebrate and move on. In the spirit of commemorating all prints bright and beautiful, I have my fashion eye fixed on fitting alternatives to the love of plant art. Options are infinite and just as arresting to a curious onlooker. Meet my faves who did it best.

Chu Suwannapha MJ AND STUFF

My top three style stars for the season include one of Chu Suwannapha’s fashion moments in a three-piece suit by David Tlale. As one to always dial up the appreciation for spirited threads, Chu’s abstract print confronts age-old menswear lines which rise above banality with just enough humour and an updated dose of dandyism –as only he can guide.

Lerato Tshabalala MJ AND STUFF

The ever so gorgeous Lerato Tshablala’s lively approval of classic polka dots is not in any way surrendering the ample authority plausibly associated with femininity. Competently demonstrating the ever-lasting appeal of the print, her perfect pairing of proportions suggests an effortlessly steered sense of style as she reliably puts forward a can’t-go-wrong silhouette.

Kwena Baloyi MJ AND STUFF

Lover of great style Kwena Baloyi took to the gender-bending route with the long sleeved pyjama style shirt with a micro dot print worn alongside tailored gingham check pants and a pair of leopard print creepers to round off a walk on the wild side. This here signals a fresh and casual approach to the appreciation of mismatched prints -far from gimmicky.

There you have it folks: should you not fall into the category of those keen to blossom about the season’s order. Do look into a relationship with many other prints.

#MBFWJ2014 Left: Selfi. Right: Adriaan Kuiters

#MBFWJ2014 Left: Selfi. Right: Adriaan Kuiters

Runway pics: SDR Photos.

#DFF 2014: Kathrin Kidger.

#DFF 2014: Kathrin Kidger.


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