Soviet Denim Spring 2014-14 MJ AND STUFF

There is something about this fairer weather period making me wish to set on a voyage with individuals I like. I have been on a mission to reel people of my social tribe for an arbitrary take-off into whatever lies on the other side of either one of the highways. I have been throwing many hints for a roaddie, for a couple of reason really. One: I am kind of not bad at breaking into vintage rock tunes if my friends’ stashed Vimeos are anything to go by. Two: I have just seen Soviet Denim’s newest campaign for the summer 2014-15 collection and all I want is to do is hit the open road, kitted in good quality denimwear whilst making memories with real people. The campaign was photographed by the gifted Aubrey Johnson in Magoebaskloof and in a charming, yet so genuine manner; the campaign captures my current state of mind. I already imagine setting up roadside picnics at almost every pit stop, right after a series of impromptu photo shoots of course.

Soviet image 9

Soviet image 2

Soviet image 8

Soviet image 1

To keep up with all things Soviet, do the right thing on their facebook page over HERE, the Twitter streets @Sovietdenim on Instagram they go as @SovietDenim and to hook up their stylish threads, do link up on their online store over HERE.

Soviet image 4

Soviet image 7

Catch you on the road.


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