MJ AND STUFF Lindiwe Suttle x Jenevieve Lyons

I chuckle a little when I think about my “condition” whenever I witness a wonderful fashion moment unfurl before my eyes. You guys should see me, it’s almost unexplainable, so please do stretch your tolerance barometer a few notches as I try to get into this. It’s like time winds at a polite tempo to afford me this experience and sounds eloquently counteract any form of suggested interaction. I swear, when I am in such a zone, anyone who so much as even dare to interrupt such a ritual is met with a swift desire to shut-the-hell-up and respect the situation. Even coming out of this reverie is an experience on its own because I then have to stop drop and roll the chills out before jumping into sequence with the rest of the world. #YouWereWarned.

In case y’all didn’t get that, one such a moment happened when I got to see my lavishly talented friend and lover of style Lindiwe Suttle perform live, wearing an outfit made by one of the most praiseworthy young local designers; Jenevieve Lyons. A perfect match I say.

In my opinion –and some echoed by a whole lot of people, both gals posses some of the best skills in their respective fields matched with unrepentant streaks of expressionistic intelligence. Watching Lindiwe perform her music is pure magic and the high esteem with which I hold Jenevieve’s design integrity still reigns.

We all often speak about the evident connection between fashion and music which all good and sensible but it is until we get to experience moments like these, which better authenticate talent at in best possible ways that we truly get it. Yep, I definitely zoned out to take it all in.

Jenevieve Loyns x Lindiwe Suttle MJ AND STUFF

South African Fashion Lindiwe Suttle x Jenevieve Lyons

Lindiwe Suttle x Jenevieve Lyons MJ AND STUFF



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