Lyle and scott 140 campaign

Collecting art for my space is every bit as important as patently communicating my position in the fashion world. I have come to master the tricky skill of having to balance the idea of “pretty pieces” (which always such a good point of reference to start from)with the matchless appeal of items which carry a sensible story (and hopefully, some sort of value for the little MJs in the future).  To add onto my growing set of artworks, I am looking at @LyleAndScott_SA’s exceptional campaign which commemorates 140 years of the brand’s heritage.

 As part of this celebration, Lyle & Scott commissioned fans of the label, fashion enthusiast and artists alike to create masterpieces for a fittingly named #140Series. Each creative involved in the submission phases created a unique artwork that represented their chosen year between 1874 and 2014. The 140 pieces of artwork are being used to construct a timeline that represents Lyle & Scott’s success and tireless innovation since 1874. These artworks are now available to view on the local Lyle & Scott website over HERE and eager viewers like me are invited to bid on a piece of art of their choice.

 Here’s how it works: these original items all have a reserve of R200, so the bidding is open to any amount added onto that. Each winning bidder will receive a special invitation to attend a gala event as part of the celebrations. And finally; on the 9th of October, the 140 masterpieces will take pride of place in Gallery MOMO where the proud new owners of the artworks will then finally take their piece of history home.

 With my eyes already set on a few pieces, I am thrilled to possibly make an offer in an effort to extend fashion and art game.


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