I live for memories above all else. I love creating them and nothing comes close to being a part of great ones. Well, this is of course if you dare look past my inestimable obsession with clothes. Somehow, by massive divine favourism I often get to merge these two loves of mine, all thanks to the Skip Fashion Exchange.

So far, this year’s series have been nothing short of spectacular and if you have attended or followed the highly vigorous social media trails, you will definitely get my drift. If for reasons unknown to mankind you happen to have done done neither, you have missed out on two of the most awesome fashion event of the year. Be not cheerless, the last scheduled Skip Fashion Exchange for this year is coming up at the end of this month and you best be a part of it.

Trust me; it is more than enough reasons to gather a couple friends for a memorable fashion’s night out. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy a decadent three-course meal whilst taking notes from a fashion talk presented by the admirable Alexis Chaff and a formalised swap with likeminded stylopolitans?  It is a completely budget friendly exercise because attendees are required to bring a minimum of 3 items to swap with (I mean clothing as currency!?! Sign me up!). Also, one way to help aid the sad aftermath of the high ranking global consumerism, which has been less than friendly to the environment in general. Here’s the logic: Recycling already produced items means less production and therefore less impact on the environment, and few things are better than guilt free fashion.

You know have no reason to not queue for a ticked for the 30th of October, right here in Jo’burg. For that, you will need to contact Shaakirah van Rensburg on 011 300 6700 or via email at events@ndalomedia.com with “Fashion exchange” in your subject line and also do keep it locked onto Skip SA’s facebook page over HERE

It’s a date y’all.


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