Mahlatse James Metalic pants MJ AND STUFF

This is probably an odd day to write about party pants but whether we like it or not; tis the season to shake a shimmy ever so often and I am having one of those weeks with crazy important things taking place at back-to-back *wipes brow*. I don’t know about you all, but I have certain essential rudiments which add onto preparing for a night out in these fashion streets. First and above all else; I simply have to have a soundtrack for getting ready –the spouse human has that bit on lockdown. Secondly; fragrance, I cannot possibly stress enough on the soared importance of having a signature whiff to trail one’s presence in a pool of people in case you happen to be an uncompromising hugger like yours truly. Thirdly (only because this is where pleasure and a bit of anxiety intertwine) and definitely not last (there is still a face to “beat” and stuff): working out the wardrobe. You see, I have come to go easy on contesting the very evident fact that I habitually create a connective duct as far my personal styling missions stand and even though I cannot validate if the next statement is a “thing” or not, I seem to drift a little bit towards a stern surface shine in my threads. Shocked yet? Well, I aim to appear nothing like a space-age figurine and as you can see in these pics, I am all about counterbalancing my fave shinny “disco” pants with a cardi and golfer plus I have added trait elements with dotted bowtie and plaid suspenders because #PersonalityIsAThing. Yep, these pants went earned a recurring role in my part wardrobe cast.

Metalic pants Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF

MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James with metalic pants


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