MJ AND STUFF Charmaine Plaatjie

I have just had a fun, funny and fab conversation with a bunch of total strangers.  Fashion talks have become something of a commonality whenever I find myself kraaled in with people whose surnames I do not know and although I do not know the precise motive for this, I have rounded it down to two (or more) of the most likely reasons; one: my ungraspable affinity for topical bits and bops when I concentrate on self-styling missions. Two: the fact that I almost always invite myself into eavesdropped thread-themed dialogues. And three: well, I am kind of not too bad at unanticipated party tricks, #Don’tAsk. Whichever it was, one of these raison d’êtres put me in the centre of a steaming conversation about Glamour. -Such a formless word and an even more indistinguishable task to tackle whilst guzzling down bottles and bottles of fruit-flavoured-fizz-less cider.  I am not going to get into specific details of our mouth-colouring session (because I simply cannot, for the love of me ill-quote the darling strangers) but my position in it was -and still is- very clear. For me, Glamour is as much in the clothes as it is in the individual who best extends the appeal of their wardrobe choices. In essence, it can be anyone wearing anything really. I do not think Glamour is cast in stone, if anything, fresh approaches to dressing-up hold better clout than working so darn hard to achieve a look that’s been perfected by somebody else. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate “classic” shapes and pieces like the next hemline-obsessed bloke but referencing a period DOES NOT exemplify glam quite like the seemingly rare moments when one’s personality is consumed in character.  A perfect example for my case is my dearest styled-to-sickness friend in these pics Charmaine Plaatjie who swivels to the beat of her own festooned drum. Not a lot of people accessorize as beautifully as Char does and she does this with great poise and a legit understanding of proportions. This here proves that per my modest standard, Char meets my understanding of relevant glamour. See the many splashes of regal rusty and feminine gold elements styled alongside the definite chic combo of Le Skirt and Tee and a casually flung leather bicker.

Charmaine Plaatjie MJ AND STUFF

No questions about it. Glamour lives right here with this bae.

No questions about it. Glamour lives right here with this bae.



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