Guess who is ready for a holiday? Well, I haven’t really started doing much about it except fussily gawking at beachy brochures and debating the perfect colour of a possible Travelite Transformer set. My pre-holiday mood has just reached a state of possible reality, all thanks to a swift worthily growing fondness for Garwood & Grace’s summer 2014/15 collection of swim shorts.

The Cape Town based swimwear label has me floating on all sorts of anticipation for some time in the sun. I am already envisioning myself strolling alongside wide waters, clad in some of the skilfully tailored swim shorts. I don’t think I have ever mentioned that I always endure a massive struggle whenever I am faced with having to buy swimwear for myself. Good hemlines (1970s style) are almost always met with dreadful quality options and if or when I try to go the board short route, the very average waistband winches the most ample of leg(s) space(s) and extends all the way near below the knee in length –as if negotiating eyelets and Velcro clasps is not enough a warfare. One time, I spent the entire day in a costal mall equipped with an enduring sense of hope that there must be a piece for me out there #NoLies.

 Mercifully, Garwood & Grace offers shorts in two different lengths this summer. The Clifton is the shorter of the two with a 7cm inner leg whereas the Camps Bay is slightly longer and the detailing includes a zip fastening and jet pockets that are comfortable without compromising the shorts’ sleek silhouette that has been designed not to be flashy but rather to reflect an appreciation of quality.

My Clifton Pics

My Clifton Picks

 A pair of Garwood & Grace swim shorts offers more than making a stylish impression though. The fabric, a top quality polyamide imported from Europe, has been chosen for its ability to dry quickly, which is all good with me, because as much as I consider myself a part-time merman-especially when the local heat hits the high digits- I am not the one keen for wet struts. Except for the fabric, all other components are sourced locally and the shorts are cut, sewn and finished at a factory in Cape Town.

Picks from the Camps Bay range.

Picks from the Camps Bay range.

 Guess who stands a chance of looking mighty fine throughout the holiday?


Shop Garwood & Grace over HERE.

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