TJ wearing a Kaftan on MJ AND STUFF

The rainy week here in J-Sec has my system in a fully confused mode. I mean, just the other day I was slithering into a nearing holiday mood and almost giving into the excitement of never-ending missions in the heat. None of this gloom. That said; I am far from coming short on the optimism front, not with my reference board reflecting all things awesome. For example, these images I took of my faah-bulous friend; TJ clad in a floor-length marvel of a kaftan, signalling relaxation on a scale grander than I’ve ever seen. I am almost tempted to willingly swear the flowsy direction into piecing summer wardrobe. Who wouldn’t want to serve a “haute in the scorching streets of Abu Dhabi” type of look, whilst on holiday? Not only does TJ appear crazily comfortable in this number, there is just something about a kaftan of this remarkable length that just reflects an elegant understanding of style. I say #YAY to the kaftan now, #YAY to the kaftan next and #YAY to the kaftan forever.

MJ AND STUFF South African Street Style

Now can this rain just wrap it up already!?!



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