Mahlatse James Elle Magazine MJ AND STUFF

You may or may not already know this –even though my friends and I kind of taking to the social media with uncontained enthusiasm, but yours truly is featured in this month’s issue of Elle Magazine South Africa alongside some of the finest local creative individuals, talking about all things and people and things and places and things and vibes and things on our radar throughout the month of November 2014. Holly Meadows; One of my favourite Belles at the Elle Mag HQs thought it a good idea to have me on a panel with those keen to share some of our “regular” weekend plans. And I did. Do pick up the November copy, currently flaming off the shelves and head on to page 41 to #DoTheRightThing. Trust me you can’t miss it, it’s the one with the gorgeous Miranda Kerr on the cover!

Miranda Kerr - ELLE Magazine, South Africa, November 2014

MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James in the Elle Magazine

Mahlatse James  MJ AND STUFF Photographed by Tsholo Mothibi

It’s always such a joy when the Belles hit me up.


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